Thursday, January 17, 2013

Viking Knit Class

Save your spot for the Viking Knit Class on Sunday, Jan. 20. It's from 12:30 - 4 p.m. at 413 Division St. in Northfield. The class will be taught by past president of the Upper Midwest Bead Society, Mary Moreno Lien. This age-old art of "Viking knitting" dates back to the 8th - 10th centuries! You start each v-knit with a "daisy" and knit around a dowel. Once that knit goes through the draw plate -- you're on your way! This flexible, lightweight chain is often made of mixed metal like beautiful sterling silver and copper wire. It can be weaved single, double or triple depending on the look you want. Beads often adorn the interlacing design. No wire wrapping skills are required. Supplies $30. Call (507) 645-0301. We'd love to hear from you (even if you're a Packer fan). The supply list for class: 3/8" round wooden dowel, about a foot long 1- spool of 26 gauge base metal wire for your main bracelet color (try ParaWire) 1- spool of different color 26 gauge base metal wire (this is the starter/practice wire) 1 ft-18 or 20 gauge wire to go through end caps (and the beads if you add them) 2 end caps or cones Beads and Spacers (optional) Clasp, lobster or toggle your choice Tools: Round Nose Pliers Chain Nose Pliers Flush Cutter If you have a crimper, bring it. Old credit card (to be used as a mandrel) T-pin Painters 1" wide masking tape Sharpie Marker Tape Measure Metal Ruler Draw-plate.

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