Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Personalized Handtooled Pendants

A note from Suzanne Klumb, co-owner of the Eclectic Goat, on her custom handtooled charms.

I love handmade and enjoy the creative process - moving from concept to a finished piece. My work appeals to people who want something different with some sort of meaning attached.

A lot of my work is made from soft precious metal clay (PMC). With this material I can create very individual personalized pieces. Fingerprints can be pressed into the clay, letters and words can stamped or engraved, shapes can be sculpted and stones set. Many choices are available in working with this material for customers. (Prices are higher than costume jewelry but far less than at a lapidary – the silversmith or goldsmith level.)

It’s the perfect gift for: Valentine’s Day, a wedding parties, bridal and engagement gifts, celebration of a new life or a passing, graduation or confirmation, Mother’s and Father’s Day, a best friend or BFF charm. Lots of options are available! Stop in or call if you have an idea!

1/2" Mini Handtooled Silver Heart with inner puffed heart /dangle fresh water pearl on plated silver ball chain. $45.00 (16")
(A personalized initial can be stamped on the back. Size doesn't allow anymore than 1 letter.)

1" Lovebirds Handtooled Silver Pendant is oxidized and large enough to stamp initials on the back of the pendant to personalize it. It hangs from a plated silver oxidized chain 18". $60

Special orders require a phone call to Suz at the Eclectic Goat / Glass Garden Beads Shop. 507-645-0301. Usually once the details are decided the order is completed within 7 to 10 days. (Initials can be personalized on the back of the charm at time of pick up.)

Hand Tooled Silver is a hands-on sculpting process where the Silver material is a Precious Metal Clay. Once the sculpting is completed the next step is the drying, tooling and sanding. The piece goes into a kiln at a high temperature firing for 30 minutes to 2 hours. After the cooling process the piece is removed as a hardened fine silver element, which an artist can solder, polish, oxidize, stamp or hammer.

Once the finish is completed on the silver element it goes to the final assembling process where it is applied to a bracelet a necklace a broach or just a small charm or sculpture.