Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Casual Classes" in our STUDIO.

We know the summer schedule is busy for everyone, at Eclectic Goat and Glass Garden we have set up a "Casual Class" format. We will schedule a class / or activity for a minimum of 3 persons. The time frame is 1.5 - 2 hours and the date and time is up to you. The activity or class will be a beginner to intermediate level so all can partake in the activity. The instructor will get everyone acquainted with the project and leave the group to chat and enjoy the activity among themselves. When a question occurs the instructor will be on hand to assist everyone. This semi attendance allows us to lower the teaching fee while the instructor is free to attend to other shop duties.
So, why schedule a "Casual Class"?
1. Fees are less than a formal structured class.
2. It is a great way to share time with visiting friends and family while having fun with a project.
3. Small Groups can take advantage of a project time.
4. A time filler for kids and friends.

Examples of past Casual Classes we've hosted:
1. Daddy and Daughters made bracelets for Mom - Mother's Day Project
2. Girl Scouts did a Memory Wire and stranding project.
3. Gramma and Grand Daughters learned Kumihimo (Japanese Braiding) together.
4. Kids and visiting cousins did, Doodle your day away project.
5. Girlfriends do a mixed media assembly together with found objects.

It's a creative and casual atmosphere for FUN!

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