Eclectic Goat started in 2009 with a single goal of embracing handmade art and craft.

SHONA: I have a BA in communication and business management. I work in many venues: Fabric, Painting, Jewelry and Collage. A facet of my  communication strength is shown through my love for bold and bright colored art.  I’m always exploring the next area of interest and believe me I have many. Currently I’ve developed a product line around doodling. Cards, Posters, Large paintings, Doodle resin jewelry, Coloring Books and who knows what will come next. I guarantee there will be a next.

SUZ: I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Clothing, Textile Design from the University of WI – Stout with Business and Art Minors. I’m also trained in Graphic Design from Univ. WI-Madison, Marist College & Duchess Community College in New York and Rosemount Technical College in MN. My thought is, a person never stops learning.  All business lessons have come full circle now that I’m a partner at Eclectic Goat.

Together, Shona and I design our own jewelry, fabric and printable graphics. We are collectively dedicated to the “Handmade and Cottage Industries." It is our privilege to be among such creative artisans, clients and customers.